A Clear Vision


I have secretly seen myself as an artist since I was a small child. I always knew my creativity would dominate my life and in this final third I am all in!

I was blessed by a stroke that left me blind in one eye a few years ago. Funny how it made me see things differently and have an even greater desire to paint the world from this unique perspective.

I discovered my favorite juicy medium when I first opened a jar of cold wax and mixed it with oil. It was like painting with yummy canned frosting! The many layers that I apply, then intuitively scrape away, always reveals beautiful surprises underneath. So much like life.

The stuff that we may have layered on and covered up make us the unique individuals that we are. If we dare peel some layers away, our colorful gifts are there in all their glory. My paintings are SoulScapes.


Marais – Limited Edition Print!

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You guys! I’m so excited that I found a way to share my work through more affordable prints. I had to create a special process to add back some of the juicy texture of my original... READ MORE

Contemporary Cactus

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“Contemporary Cactus” was accepted into the juried show “Pursuit of the Southwest” at Dutch Art Gallery. The show and the judging took place on Saturday Dec. 6th, 2014. READ MORE

Star Mountain Winter

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The Star Mountain Series is inspired by a special place in Colorado, where time stands still, worries fade away and the view is gorgeous from every angle. Star Mountain Winter is still available for... READ MORE