Marais“Marais was waiting when I got home from a meeting downtown!!! I LOVE it so much. Even more beautiful than I had imagined! Takes my breath away! ”

– Joann


I think the universal appeal of your work Lisa is the archetypal thing of a dense grove of trees…the shadow, the flutter of leaves, the dappled light, the leaf fall on the ground, possible threat, possible retreat, the seasons, etc….part of our DEEP ancient memory from eons before. It is visceral~ and it is something we all share, conscious or not. David Dacus


Oh Lisa, as you know I got the beautiful in real life than online!! I can’t stop looking at it and just sighing at how much I love this!! Thank you soooo much for letting us be the caretakers of your masterpiece. I just don’t have the words to let you know know how this painting moves me. It is perfect!! When you are famous and in museums and publications, I can say I have an original Adams-Reed in my home!!! I love you and I love
your talent.

-Mikel Westerlage


Lisa, you have invented a style of art that is truly unique. I mean it knocks me out. You really have a great thing going and unlike some other great artists, you are not going to have to die before you get recognized. This is some miracle in your life you know.

-Jim Hoeffner


The painting was glorious! So wondrous! We love it and think you have found your calling. Keep sharing, the world is starved for beauty and truth.

-Walker Westerlage

WOW- your creations are just breath-taking. The love, the layers, the magical blending and marrying of colours. Letting the paints and wax guide you to layer and reveal the beauty that wants to shine through. Stunning!

-Jennifer Mazur Lyall


I am in love with this one. You capture the souls of those trees so well, Lisa

-Kathy Johnson

Lisa, I love your paintings. You are such a great artist.

-Johanna Oosterwijk


I wasn’t aware of the technique you use in your “paintings”…I love the technique….your ability to convey the subject…(to me its trees….aspens, birch…etc)…Each work is different….yet in harmony with many of your pieces.

-Ashley Fredrick