Lisa Reed Artist

My Process-Wax On Wax Off

I paint in many, many layers of cold wax and oil with no preconceived composition or ultimate outcome in my mind. I create paintings by covering up one finished painting after another. At some point I know when it is time to let the medium show me what is underneath. I begin to “unpaint”–scraping and carving and taking away  to reveal something brand new. What happens is totally unconscious. The shapes, sometimes abstract and sometimes expressionistic landscapes reveal themselves. The yummy medium itself is like magic–full of surprises and mysticism. My job as an artist is to simply let go, uncover and “unpaint” what is there already. The soulscapes reveal themselves!


How I Create Sacred Space

Star Mountain Spring24 X 48 SOLD
Star Mountain Spring24 X 48 SOLD

The sacred process and space I create are as critical to me as the completed painting. I start with meditation and prayer.  I love to listen to music of all kinds before I even begin to pick up a brush.  I light candles, burn sage or lavender and create a place that feels special.  Painting IS my spiritual practice. It is when God-Spirit-Source are the most present in my heart.  It frees my soul to ask for a higher consciousness to guide me in my creations.



My Creativity Prayer

Lisa Reed_32

This prayer I wrote and recorded plays in my ear before I begin to paint and then….I am ready to create………

Dear and Sacred Spirit

Come into this place

This  space

Allow Divine Beauty to emerge

May I be better for having created beauty from the Sacred

May soulful creations come with ease and joy

I am deeply grateful for these gifts

Let spirit guide my hands

Where patience is needed let there be patience

Dissolve all fears and let love express in beauty

Bless my paint

Guide my tools

May my soul shine

May my paintings bring joy to others

And so it is. And so it IS. AND. SO. IT. IS.

Lisa Reed 11/05/13